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Balafon X-Small: 6 Keys African Traditional Musical Instrument

Balafon X-Small: 6 Keys African Traditional Musical Instrument

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Balafon X-Small: 6 Keys African Traditional Musical Instrument
Extra Small Balafon- 6 Keys!
The balafon is a traditional African musical instrument similar to a xylophone or marimba and is played by striking wooden keys with mallets or sticks.

Beautifully handmade percussion instrument made with different-sized African gourds and wooden plates. Gives a unique African sound; commonly heard throughout the African bush

This X-small-sized balafon typically has 6 keys, although the exact number can vary depending on the region or specific design. The keys are made of wood, usually rosewood, and are arranged in a curved or linear fashion.
When struck, each key produces a different pitch, allowing the player to create melodies and rhythms. The keys are usually tuned to a pentatonic scale, common in traditional African music.

Various African cultures traditionally play the balafon for ceremonial purposes, storytelling, and entertainment. Other instruments, such as drums, flutes, or stringed instruments, often accompany it.

In recent years, the balafon has gained popularity outside of Africa and is now played in various music genres, including world music, jazz, and contemporary compositions.
 The balafon is a unique and beautiful traditional African musical instrument. Its distinct sound adds depth and richness to any musical ensemble.
 Balafon: A beautifully handmade percussion instrument
 The smaller size makes an excellent wall decoration that will fit almost anywhere and is great fun for kids.
     * It is Approximately 11" inches long with 6 keys.
     *  Balafons may need tuning to have accurate tones on all keys.
     *  Set Includes: Balafon & A pair of Balafon Chopsticks
     * Material: African Gourds and Wooden Plates
     *How To Play: The balafon rests on a stand or the player's lap, with the keys facing upward. 
     *The mallets or balafon chopsticks strike the keys, producing a resonant and melodic 
      sound. It was made in West Africa.

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