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Igbo Traditional Wool Hat

Igbo Traditional Wool Hat

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Short Igbo Traditional Wool Hat

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Handmade Igbo Men Traditional Wool Cap for Groomsmen, Tribal Chieftain, Coronation Festival. This cap is worn by influential Men, leaders, and royal blood of the Igbo Tribe of West Africa. Wherever the hat is seen, great respect is accorded the wearer. It has been known since immemorial as a sign of power, leadership, and wealth.
The Igbo people of Nigeria are people of rich tradition and culture. They have amazing costumes with deep symbolic meaning, and Igbo Traditional knitted wool hat is an example of such a hat.
Igbo Men Traditional Wool Cap is made of 100% wool, and it is stretchy and fits the most head size. It is meticulously knitted with high-quality yarn for a long-lasting, artistic piece.
Perfect for ceremonial events, festivals, black history month, Chieftaincy meetings, traditional weddings, coronations, community festivals, bash parties, and cultural events. This classic knitted hat goes pretty well with native attires, and they are quite alluring and would bring you so many compliments.
- UAS 701

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